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CWC Featured Literature: I See You


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This week’s featured literature is the poem “I See You” by Ambyr Strickland. Many people either experience, have experienced, or know someone who struggles with mental health issues. Even though it is something that affects so many, a lot of people may not notice it right away, but they shouldn’t feel alone. That is the inspiration behind Ambyr’s poem.

I See You by Ambyr Strickland

I see you, and the rivers on your skin

The marks you leave for what you see as sin.

I know what it feels like, what it means;

How all you wish for is a caring friend.

I see you, and the scars you try to hide,

Never as deep as the ones on your mind

That make you feel worthless and sad;

How it only takes one person to be unkind.

I see you, and the pain self inflicted

And your caring heart that is conflicted;

And the relief that comes as tears

When your suffering is finally admitted.

I see you, and how some are fresh and new,

The scars of crimson that you once drew

That make you beautiful nonetheless

Representing your pain that only grew.

I see you, and I understand

I’m always here to lend a hand.

It’s hard to stop, I know that much,

Look deeper and you’ll always find a friend.

I see you, and the scars that make you you

All the beautiful things you do

That you’re finally starting to see;

I knew you could do it, I always knew.

I see you, and how they’re just scars now;

How sometimes you look back and wonder how

Has the world gotten so dark, so hard to see

And you know never again to stoop so low.

I see you, and how big your smile is,

How your hand fits perfectly in his,

And the utter happiness in your eyes

And the love that you secretly missed.

I see you, and how far you’ve come,

How much Better things are at home,

How you don’t lay awake making more rivers;

And how you know you’re never ever alone.


The Author

Ambyr Strickland is a freshman in the Dental Hygiene program.

Make sure to check back soon for more great works of literature from the UCBA Creative Writing Club. Interested in joining the club? Meetings are open to all students, and are held every Tuesday in Muntz 322 from 4-5pm.

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