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CWC Featured Literature: Shattered


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Welcome to the CWC Featured Literature series! Every week, we’ll be publishing creative work submitted from members of UC Blue Ash’s Creative Writing Club. This week’s featured submission is a poem titled “Shattered” by Kelsey Boudreaux.

Words are very potent tools. They are capable of making someone’s day while ruining someone else’s spirit all at the same time. They can inspire all kinds of emotions. That is why it is important to be careful of what you say. Kelsey’s poem is meant to give caution on how powerful your words are and how they can impact others.

Shattered by Kelsey Boudreaux

Words can shatter

They can make your self-esteem splatter

The user of the words knowing the words that will destroy your self esteem

Words can make your face stream

Words have the potential to destroy a person

Words can make a person become the shell of your previous version


Words are weapons

They can make you feel threatened

They can make you feel scared and defenseless

They can make you feel hopeless

They can make you feel alone

They can make you lose all the friends you’ve thought you’ve known

They make feel insignificant filled with regret

Making you feel at debt


I have been shattered and rebuilt in a vicious cycle

Words of kindness having to be my revival

Words of rejection making me shatter

Words of happiness ensure me that I matter

Choose your words carefully

Words can determine how a person is feeling mentally

 The Author

Kelsey Boudreaux Portrait- Altered

Kelsey Boudreaux is a freshman majoring in social work.

Make sure to check back soon for more great works of literature from the UCBA Creative Writing Club.  Interested in joining the club? Meetings are open to all students, and are held every Tuesday in Muntz 322 from 4-5pm.

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